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The CSEC-Algorithms division is a student-run subdivision of CSEC with an emphasis on algorithms and competitive programming. We focus on teaching the basics of competitive programming, which will help you solve problems in competitions such as the ACM-ICPC, Google CodeJam, and Facebook Hackercup.

*Room changes as booking availability shifts. Please keep up-to-date via the facebook page


Coach: Brian Harrington, email: [email protected]

Assistant Coach: William Granados, email: [email protected]

Hi all! We seek to form 1-2 teams (each of 3 students) to represent UTSC at ACM-ICPC Regional Round, which will take place on November 9-10th, 2018 in Windsor, ON. You have to be eligible according to the ACM rules to become a member of a UTSC team.

2018 Regional Round Coming Up!

2016 Team: Rhys, Tudor, Jason, Omar, Ousmane, Vishwa

2017 Team: William, Akshay, Rhys, Omar, Jerry, Jon

2018 Team: Jerry, Omar, Keegan, Jon, Alon, Jason

Team Practice 1: Saturday, October 13th (12 - 5pm). Room: BV-473

Problem Set: 2018 Qualifiers, upsolving this week!

Team Practice 2: Sunday, October 21th (12 - 5pm). Room: BV-473

Team Practice 3: Sunday, November 4th (12 - 5pm). Room: BV-473


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