CSEC 2020 Elections

Friday May 29th 6pm - 7pm on Zoom. Be sure to join our Discord for updates on our #announcements channel!

Zoom Meeting Url
Meeting ID: 993 070 9809
Password: 0kW1vK

General Elections for the Computer Science Enrichment Club are coming up! If you've enjoyed any of our events (World of Work, Mock Interviews, networking events, etc.) please join us in our annual elections! You can decide what the future of the CS community on campus looks like!

Want to join the executive team? We'd be thrilled to have you! Simply fill out the form here and show up to our elections! You'll be expected to do a little introduction about yourself and your ideas. For information about the positions, scroll down to see the descriptions. Please fill this out by Friday May 29th at 4pm.Link to Application

Available Positions for the 2020 Elections

President (Requires 1 year as a CSEC Exec)

The President is the official spokesperson of the organization and provides direction for all components of the organization in a manner consistent with the organization’s constitution and policies.
Current: Kevin S.

Director of Internal Affairs

The Director of Internal Affairs act as the public relations of the club. Their task is to direct events, handle the creation and distribution of promotional club material, and listen to the memberbase for suggestions and improvements towards the club.
Current: Tabeeb Y.

Events Director

Current: None

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director creates meaningful visuals and come up with creative ways to advertise the CSEC brand across multiple social media channels
Current: Charmaine Y. and Paolo V.

Director of Software Development / System Administration

The Director of Software Development acts as a liaison amongst members in the organization. They will primarily deal with website administration and other technical aspects. It is also the responsibility of the director to record a summary of each lecture session and general meeting and post it on the relevant media for access to all general members. They will be responsible for the website and other technical projects in the working (CMSClubs ... etc).
Current: Samiul H. and Frederic P.

2020-2021 Positions

These positions will be opening in the following 2020-2021 School Year. Applications will start around Aug - Sept 2020.

UTSC ICPC Assistant Coach

Software Developer

Game Division Leader (Requires one year as a Game Divison Exec)

Game Division Executive

Social Media Gurus

Guest Lecturer and Lecturers