UTSC Game Development Club

The UTSC Game Development Club is a great place for budding game developers to meet, learn, and share game-related ideas. It is the environment for aspiring game devs at UTSC - no prior experience needed to join!

Scroll down and join our Discord to see our upcoming events!

Find like minded people to discuss and collaborate with and share games, projects, ideas, and feedback!

Learn and use a variety of development engines (Unity, Godot, Unreal, etc.)

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Past Events

Game Jam!

What: A weeklong event where groups of 1-4 come together to create a game based around a given theme! We also have some prizes to win!

Where: Anywhere! The game jam is an off-site event, so you can work wherever you’d like. There will be a Kickoff event held at UTSC.

Who: UofT students from any campus

Why: To grow your game development skills, meet like-minded people, and most importantly, finish a game. No experience required.

How: Come to our Kickoff event for more details and rules! Friday February 14th @ 3-4PM in IC208 for the Theme Reveal, Contest Rules, Team Formation, and More! Food Included!
The slides from the kickoff event, and everything else related to the game jam, will be posted to our Discord. Alternatively, if you miss the kickoff, you can join through our Discord as well.Discord