CSEC - PEAR Impact Project

In a partnership with PEAR, first-year and second-year students will have the opportuinity in helping build an impactful project called the Success Stories of New Canadians, a website detailing the experiences of immigrants and refugees who have made Canada their home.

Help the world listen to the stories and perspectives of new Canadians, highlighting both their joys and struggles living in Canada for 5+ years.

Also, learn about software engineering practices, project management and React so you can add it on your resumes!

On Friday Jan 10 in IC200 from 5 - 7pm, we will announce the winners of the competition.
Thank you to all the competitors of this project! You have all went above and beyond to create an impact in your community.

Project Details and Requirements: Requirements PDF Seminar Slides


Team 2. Dubem, Henry, Mitra, Sameer, William
Team 4. Colin, Daniel, Jesse
Team 6. Keshavaa


Azhar Laher. A father and husband, social entrepreneur, sports nut, teacher and business coach. He is deeply concerned about social justice issues. He has worked in the Human Resources industry for over 25 years and held senior human resources positions in both South Africa and Canada, focusing on strategic planning, total rewards, employee relations and diversity. He is currently Professor of Human Resources in the School of Leadership and Human Resources at Seneca College in Toronto.

Contact: azhar.laher@gmail.com


PEAR is a platform where nonprofits can post freelance projects for university students to complete. These projects target a specific skill set, such as graphic design, software development (web development, automation), consulting, marketing, ... etc.

Contact: pear.students@gmail.com

More Information coming soon!