Our Team

Our exceptional team of volunteer student leaders and lecturers are listed here.
Contact them individually, or leave a message through the contact form.

Executive Team

Brian C.


Prantar B.

Site Reliability Engineer

Saba K.

Director of Internal & External Affairs

Samiul H.

Site Reliability Engineer

Algorithms Division (CSEC-A)

William G.

Algorithms Division Leader

Peter Z.

Algorithms Lecturer

Web Development Team

Kevin S.

Operations & Sys. Admin

Abhay V.


CSEC Alumni

Past members are listed here, in our Hall of Fame. Thank you for your work throughout the years.

Kelechukwu U. (KC)

Network Security Division Leader

Kohilan M.

Web Division Leader

Akshay N.

Algorithms Lecturer

Howard F.

Algorithms Lecturer

Albion F.

Algorithms Lecturer

Jason P.

Algorithms Lecturer

Ousmane A.

Algorithms Lecturer

Chintan S.

Web Development Lecturer

Harsh P.

Web Development Lecturer

Want to join the team?

Here are some open spots:


Lecturers are the primary instructors of the club. They teach students about important Computer Science topics, and help to grow the club through their knowledge. Having strong experience in at least one facet of programming (Software Development, Web Development, Android Development) is required.

Shoot us a message at [email protected] Remember to specify the position you're applying for, any relevant experience, and attach a copy of your CV. Thank you for your interest!

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