2020 - 2021 Seminars

Archived Seminars

    Mock Interview Season 1

    How 2 Interview?

    Introduction to Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby!

    Introduction to React


    CSEC, MLH Localhost: Build and Deploy Your First Website

    First Localhost event!

    CSEC-PEAR Impact Project

    For first-year and second-years!

    Introduction to Projects

    Tools you need for cool projects!

    The World of Work Season 3


    CSEC Orientation 2019

    Learn about the CSEC events, seminars and support for 2019!

    Production Ready Code I - Continuous Integration

    An introduction to the importance of CI in a production ecosystem, including a hands-on workshop and how to integrate it into your own projects.

    The World of Work Season 2

    Finding an internship and job search advice for 2018/2019. Featuring speakers from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Rubrik, Riot, and more!

    CSEC Orientation 2018

    CSEC's Past Orientation Slides

    Web Dev. Seminar

    Brief introduction to Web Development and its many components

    Cryptocurrencies Decrypted

    Uncover the secrets behind Cryptocurrencies, explore Bitcoin, the Blockchain, and altcoins.

    Technical Mock Interviews

    Get prepared for Technical Interviews with various companies by practicing and rehearsing.

    CSEC Orientation 2017

    CSEC's Past Orientation Slides

    Chess Engine Programming

    Learn about how to program a Chess-playing engine with guest speaker Rhys.

    So You Want to be a Hacker

    An intro to Computer and Network Security with KC and Richard

    Machine Learning Seminar

    Learn more about the intricacies of Machine Learning hosted by professionals from WeCloudData

    Build a PC Seminar 2016

    Hands-on PC Building Seminar and learning about its individual components

    World of Work Season 1

    Finding an internship and job search notes with a keynote featuring Google Software Engineering Intern Alex

    CSEC Orientation 2016

    CSEC's Past Orientation Slides